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Rotary seal designs must take into consideration shaft diameter, shaft rotational speed (RPM), and surface finish of the mating hardware. ... The sealing principles of X-rings are almost identical to that as O-rings. Sealing is achieved with radial squeeze in a piston/bore type gland. Learn More. Low Drag D-Ring.

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An effective O-ring seal requires a continuous "seal line" between the sealed surfaces. The establishment of this "seal line" is a function of gland design and seal cross-section which determines the correct amount of squeeze (compression) on the O-ring to maintain seal integrity without excessive deformation of the seal element.

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O-Ring Tolerances . Tolerances should be considered for the O-Ring and the gland ; Can impact sealing performance and life ; O-Ring Gland Surface Finish . Seal material must fill in voids in surface ; Static surfaces - 32Ra to seal liquid -16Ra to seal gas . Dynamic Surfaces: 8 to 16Ra

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Feb 23, 2021· When designing a gland in which an O-ring or elastomeric seal is the desired sealing component, there are several aspects that need to be considered. A perfectly designed seal with the right material, ideal compression, gland fill and stretch can have inadequate sealing capability if the surface finish of the hardware is neglected. This blog discusses the ideal surface finish requirements for ...

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piston or rod seal. Why an O-Ring Works As Illustration 3.1 shows, a properly designed sealing system incorporates some degree of initial O-ring compression. At atmospheric pressure, only the resiliency of the compressed O-ring provides the seal. However, as system pressure activates the seal, the O-ring is forced to the low pressure side of ...

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May 20, 2015· For molded parts we require Ra of 0.8 and for machined parts where the lay crosses the o-ring we require Ra of 0.6 or 0.4. Ra is almost universally used as it is the most repeatable parameter. Rmax may be more important in some sealing cases and we use it in come critical cases. However, the repeatability of the Rmax measurement is not good.

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These O-rings have a square profile with flat edges on all four sides. They cover more surface than round-profile O-rings for a better seal in static applications, such as hose, pipe, and faucet connections.

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Above figure shows an O-ring upon assembly in a straight thread boss. The male end is fitted with an O-ring. On assembly, the O-ring is firmly sandwiched between the angular sealing surface of the port and the male end. Sealing is thus made possible and maintained by the O-ring compression, which results from the sandwiching of the O-ring in

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Feb 17, 2021· An O-ring face seal is a mechanical gasket that, like all other O-rings, consists of a donut-shaped piece of elastomer material. With that said, o-ring face seals are distinguished from other types of O-rings by the way in which they seal the surfaces of parts. They are still used to seal the mating surface between two parts. O-ring face seals ...

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Square O-rings have a square cross-section which allows them to form a tighter seal even over surface imperfections. Quad O-rings are also known as X-rings because of their X-shaped cross-section. The four-lobed design of a quad O-ring provides twice the sealing surface of a round O-ring while still requiring very little compressive pressure.

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O-ring is "the fi nest static seal ever developed." 4.1 Surface Finish for Static O-Ring Seals The design charts indicate a surface roughness value not to exceed 32 micro-inches (32 rms) on the sealing surfaces for static seals with a maximum of 16 rms recommended for face-type gas seals. These fi gures are good general guidelines,

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The corresponding Face Seal fitting has a flat sealing surface that engages the O-ring in the male fitting and compresses it as the fittings are threaded together and creates a seal. Boss Seal fittings on the other hand have a grooved "boss" before the first thread that acts to encapsulate the O-ring on the male thread thereby ...

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Feb 23, 2021· Surface finishes above 20µin will cause abrasion on the O-ring surface, and no amount of lube will prevent the O-ring from wearing. Surfaces which are better than 10µin will result in the lubricant being wiped away, which thereby increases friction and accelerates wear over the life of the seal.

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Aug 20, 2014· The Do's and Don'ts of Seal Engineering Aug 20th, 2014 Here's a look at 12 critical factors that make or break seal performance. Larry Castleman, Martin Franz, John …


The use of two O-rings on the chamber's sealing surface has proven successful in holding the required pressure applied on the 15 foot diameter seal as illustrated in Figure 2. The reason for the two O-ring design is that it is possible to pump out the space between the two O-rings. The effect of this technique is to make use of the outer O-ring for

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Sticking on sealing surface can extract the O-ring out of the groove (advantage of vulcanized sealing) Ball shaped Dovetail shaped Vulcanized. 23 Sealing Details / Elastomer seals Compression of O-rings source: Parker Hanninfin , Prädifa – Packing Divisi on Europe Dynamic seal

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Although there will be slight variations in exposed O-ring surface area from seal to seal, these variations will be unimportant when compared to length. For this reason, it is both convenient and handy to normalize rates to a per linear inch basis. Note the difference between the outgassing rates of baked and unbaked material.

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O-Ring. Figure 15a-c shows a mating ring which uses an O-ring. This is a simple arrangement but is limited to the temperature and chemical compatibility range of the elastomer. Floating. Figure 15d is the floating ring type. This design offers the flexibility of using teflon, grafoil, or an O-ring (Figure 15c) for the secondary sealing item.

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Therefore, we agree that the O-ring is "the finest static seal ever developed. Surface Finish for Static O-Ring Seals The design charts in the sections below indicate a surface roughness value not to exceed 32 micro-inches (32 rms) on the sealing surfaces for static seals with a maximum of 16 rms recommended for face-type gas seals.

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Apr 18, 2017· Flat sealing surfaces reduce the risk of over-torqueing, and the captured seal prevents leakage. O-Ring Boss: The threads of the SAE straight thread O-Ring Boss (ORB) and the straight thread 37⁰ JIC Flare are the same threads. The difference is the way each thread seals.

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Also, if the fitting or plug features straight threads and a sealing washer, make sure that the surface that contacts the O-ring or crush washer is flat and clean, free of burrs or contaminants. If an O-ring seal is featured, lightly lube the O-ring with engine oil or transmission fluid, depending on the type of fluid to which the O-ring will ...

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Feb 06, 2018· O-ring volume is usually 90-95% gland volume. The o-ring is permanently deformed and considered non-reusable. A Dovetail provides a retaining feature in a face seal gland. If the groove design in illustration 4.5 was of a standard face seal, the o-ring would fall out as the valve cycles up. The dovetail retains the o-ring in the groove.

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A perfectly designed O-ring seal is of little use if the O-ring is damaged during installation. To prevent installation damage for piston-type and rod-type seals, we recommend a 15° chamfer on the bore or rod. The Radius Containing Surface Break Edge Sealing Surface Wall Angle Sealing Surface AS568 O-Ring CS Chamfer Length Series Inches mm ...

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May 22, 2018· PTFE O-Rings are prevalent in the seal market and can often be sourced off-the-shelf. But selection is usually limited to PTFE, as the material and sizes to AS568B standard dash numbers. Eclipse's in-house machining capabilities and expertise means custom O-Ring cross-sections and diameters can be made-to-order, without tooling cost.

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O-Ring Tolerances. Tolerances should be considered for the O-Ring and the gland; Can impact sealing performance and life; O-Ring Gland Surface Finish. Seal material must fill in voids in surface; Static surfaces - 32Ra to seal liquid -16Ra to seal gas. Dynamic Surfaces: 8 to 16Ra; Too rough of a surface can result in abrasion or spiraling, even ...

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Nov 28, 2017· The force needed to compress the seal is produced by the cross-section diameter, and the durometer. The sealing compression is affected by the stretch. This compression also affects the sealing potential of this seal. An O-ring is described as a static or a dynamic seal, depending on the direction of the squeeze applied to its cross section.

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An O-ring seal is used to prevent the loss of a fluid or gas. The seal assembly consists of an elastomer O-ring and a gland. An O-ring is a circular cross-section ring molded ... incompressible, viscous fluid having a very high surface tension. Whether by mechanical pressure from the sur-rounding structure or by pressure transmitted through hy-

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A&S Seals Co., Ltd. is a global supplier of O-Rings, NOK Seals, A&S Seals and many more. focusing on the various brands of seals supply

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A surface finish that is too rough will abrade the surface of the O-ring, and a surface that is too smooth will not allow the seal to be adequately lubricated by a fluid film. O-ring selection is based on chemical compatibility, application temperature, sealing pressure, lubrication requirements, durometer, …

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Cause: Common in dynamic applications, abrasion occurs from repetitive contact between the O-ring surface and the housing resulting in excessive friction between the two. Improper lubrication or surface finish of the metalwork can exacerbate the risk, as can ingress of abrasive contaminants into the sealing …

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X-Rings Description. X-Rings have a sealing function doubling that of an o-ring, and can be used in numerous static and dynamic sealing applications. Compared to a standard o-ring, the four-lobed X-Ring profile maintains twice the sealing surface. The double-seal action requires less squeeze to maintain an effective seal function.

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Sealing surfaces (o-ring interface surfaces, hydraulic ports, etc.) O-ring grooves Electrical connectors Threads (including helical inserts) All other areas are considered non-functional. 6.3 Acceptance Criteria The limits in this section should be used for surface imperfection acceptance criteria.

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The U.S. O-ring market is dominated by the Aerospace Standard (AS) 568 Aerospace Size Standard for O-rings specifications for inner diameter and cross-section diameter, as well as parting line height and projection. The British Standard Institution (BSI) BS 1806 Dimensions of Toroidal Sealing Rings ( O -rings) and Their Housings (Inch Series). This standard includes many sizes listed in the AS ...

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Mark T. MacLean-Blevins, in Designing Successful Products with Plastics, 2018 Sealing or joining features. Sealing surfaces which might be used as seats for O-rings, or face seals for die cut gaskets, or perhaps even for molded part to molded part seals, need to be identified early and become primary considerations as the part concept is being visualized by the designer.

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Nov 25, 2020· If you're accustomed to using O-Rings or elastomeric-type seals, hardware surface finish might be considered an afterthought. In many cases, a "as machined" finish will be perfectly fine for an O-Ring to seal against. An O-Ring is much softer and more compliant than PTFE and most other polymers.

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