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A chip seal is a two-step process which includes first an application of asphalt emulsion and then a layer of crushed rock to an existing asphalt pavement surface. A chip seal gets its name from the "chips" or small crushed rock placed on the surface.

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Chip Seals Understanding Chip Seals • Benefits and Limitations • Design and material selection • Proper construction methods/techniques • Variations • Types of failures and causes "Chip seal is the application of an asphalt binder to a pavement surface which is covered by a layer of one-sized, preferably crushed, cubical, aggregate"

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Chip Seal. Quality Assurance; Testing Protocol; Find a Contractor/Supplier ... Performing a mix design is crucial to the success of your project. The following tests are applicable when performing a mix design for either the McLeod Method or Kearby Method. Refer to the mix design section for more details on these design methods.

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Why you should chip seal early in the season •A chip seal needs Time to fully cure: •160 hours pavement temp exceeding 110 F •The warmth is needed to soften the binder residue so that the final few percent of water that is trapped in the seal can work its way out •This means even with a good design if the seal is done late in

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Chip seals are one of many pavement preservation treatments used in the U.S. and worldwide. Chip seals are generally considered effective for preserving existing asphalt- and chip seal-surfaced pavements that are distressed with longitudinal, transverse, and block cracking; raveling; friction loss; low-severity bleeding; and moisture infiltration.

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Aug 10, 2021· Design of Microsurfacing and Chip Seal Mixes with RAP for Local Roadway Application, released by the Ohio Department of Transportation

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Jul 18, 2014· A comparative study between the application of McLeod method and New Zealand method is performed to evaluate the best chip seal design methodology for adoption into the State chip seal specifications. The results will also determine if the macro-texture based New Zealand chip seal performance specification is applicable for Oregon chip seals.

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Jan 15, 2021· 552 Chip Sealing. Chip seal is the sprayed application of a polymer-modified asphalt binder covered immediately by a washed aggregate and rolled with a pneumatic roller. Chip seals are best placed as single course applications. Double chip seals have had multiple problems when used on ODOT projects and their use is discouraged.


PM, applying a chip seal is not recommended because the temperature will fall after sunset. 8. Q) How does ADT affect seal coat design and is there a maximum ADT on a roadway to be considered for seal coating? A) ADT affects chip seal design in the following way: as the ADT goes up, the chip seal needs less asphalt binder.

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construction of chip seals such as: No uniform design is used for chip seals, and no best procedure has been identified by research. However, factors that should be a part of this design have been identified. They are listed below. 2. Embedment of aggregate should be included in chip seal design to help determine the size of aggregate to be ...

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•Marks effective end of chip seal design research. Chip Seal Design Methods (2) Overseas •Kearby and McLeod (1953) •UK TRL Road Note 39 (1996) •AustRoads (2001) •New Zealand P17 (Mod of Australia) •TRH 3 (Hybrid of UK & Australia) Road Note 39 …

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Guirguis, Minas, "Design and performance assessment of chip seal applications" (2018). Graduate Theses and Dissertations . 16770.

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Tar & chip driveways, ranch roads, and subdivisions are our specialties, but we can also help with grading, speed bumps, airport runways, and handicap ramps. While we typically work on residential driveways, Don-Jon Chip Seal Paving also has the experience and knowledge to work on private roadways, small parking lots, and alleys.

Development of a New Chip Seal Mix Design Method

Modified Kearby chip seal mix design method has been modified further to accommodate an optimal board size and a minimum number of board test replicates to yield the least variability and most representative AAR to fill the board tray with a single layer of aggregate. The main concept used in the determination of the optimal EAR is that


POLYMER MODIFIED CHIP SEAL. (REV 5-16-14) POLYMER MODIFIED CHIP SEAL. 335-1 Description: This work shall consist of furnishing all labor, equipment, material, supplies, notification signage, and other incidentals necessary to provide an application of polymer emulsified asphalt and cover coat aggregate to an existing roadway surface.

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A new performance-based chip seal mix design method was developed from the HWY-2008-04 project. This report addresses a few research needs that were identified critical to implement the performance-based mix design method. The overall objectives of this research were to: (1) validate the developed chip seal mix design using analysis of

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Traces of Hansonâ s design can be found in all major chip seal design Design and Preparation of Plans Call for Bids and Award of Contract Identify Potential Chip Seal Projects Planning and Selection of Chip Seal Projects Pre-construction Activity â ¢ Patching â ¢ Crack Sealing Equipment Inspection â ¢ Calibration â ¢ Production Chip ...

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This report presents the best practices for construction of chip seals, including scrub and Geosynthetic Reinforced Chip Seals (GRCS), and also includes guides for troubleshooting problems. It also includes information on the design of chip seals as well as guide specifications for both emulsion and hot applied chip seals.


led to the formulation of various chip seal analysis and design methodologies. These methods are mostly empirical in nature and depend on numerous assumptions related to chip seal microstructure and their expected behavior after compaction in field. Hence, there is a need for in- depth analysis of chip seals to develop performance-based design ...


The specifications for aggregates used in chip seals are included in Section 37-1.02 of the Standard Specifications. 7.3.2 Chip Seal Design Properly designed chip seals have proven to be cost effective in sealing pavements and providing a new riding surface with enhanced frictional characteristics. Many countries have developed rational

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11.3.7 Sealing Chip Spread Rates _____432 11.4 Seal Construction on the Day ... design but also must be taken into consideration when planning to seal. Examples of locations and surrounding uses which can effect the planning and timing of sealing are:

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Kearby chip seal design procedure adopted by the state of Texas accounts for differences in binder demand when using lightweight aggregates. Problem 2: Limited Traffic Control In the presence of inadequate traffic control, chip loss will occur even when proper quantities have been applied. This

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Chip Seal Design and Specifications. Chip seals or seal coats, are a pavement preservation method constructed using a layer of asphalt binder that is covered by a uniformly graded aggregate. The benefits of chip seal include: sealing surface cracks, keeping water from penetrating the surface, provides an anti-glare surface, minimizes the effect ...

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Mix Design. Complete a mix design for pavements and/or shoulders in accordance with Materials Method 410. Shoulder areas wider than one foot require a mix design separate from the mainline. Mix designs shall be submitted ... Chip Seals shall be placed …

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Chip seals that use an emulsion are often referred to as a "cold applied chip seal." Hot applied chip seals can be placed at night. Scrub seal is a more advanced and aggressive multi-step chip seal process that ... which the design engineer based the requirements, and propose any necessary ...


Chip seal is one of the most popular preventive maintenance techniques performed by many DOTs, county road departments and cities. One of the most important parameters affecting performance of a chip seal is the percent aggregate

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Chip Seal Design Methods. Vishwanath Pothukutchi Introduction Early practitioners used empirical methods to design sealing a pavement. It was considered an art. The Design involves calculating : a. Quantity of aggregate b. Quantity of bituminous binder. Introduction The various methods proposed were as follows: a. Hansons Method (1934/35) b.

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A chip seal is designed to seal and protect a pavement from oxidation and weathering by sealing the small cracks in a pavement surface and preventing the intrusion of water and air. A chip seal can also be used to address raveling (loss of aggregate), correct bleeding and flushing problems, improve skid resistance, and generally extend the ...

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Aug 20, 2018· Chip seal performance is greatly affected by aggregates properties, type of asphalt binder and the relative amounts of each, . The most influential properties are aggregate's size, shape, gradation, cleanliness and quality of asphalt. Chip seal design should also consider many on-site factors that affect the actual pavement performance.

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sealing practitioners made inspections of each site, and they were asked to predict the future service performance of each of the three sections of seal. The combination of these subjective observations with the known traffic volumes, pre-seal surface texture, chip ALD and application rates, enabled the production of a spray rate chart.

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